Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Your Home Is Insulated, Your Swimming Pool Should Be Too.

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Posted by Lysti Grassman

At Pool Pros we are always trying to come up with ways to save our customers energy and money and in our Wisconsin climate, insulating your swimming pool makes great sense

Thermo-Wall Roll

In fact, we encourage all of our customers to insulate their above ground swimming pools with both Thermo-Wall™ Reflective Insulation for Pool Walls and Insul-Floor™ Reflective Insulation for Pool Floors.  This insulation reduces heat loss by up to 80%!

The Termo-Wall itself is a 3/16” thick metalized foil/bubble/clear poly material, it is ultra resistant and light weight, with a 69 PSI puncture rate. The insulation comes in a roll like this and can be installed by Pool Pros or purchased from Pool Pros for the do-it-yourselfers.

The Thermo-Wall insulation reflects solar energy in the water,
adds R-value, and is also an excellent vapor barrier.

Similarly, the Insul-Floor, is a bubble/foil/bubble material with a 140 PSI compression rate and 69 PSI puncture rate, and is ultra resistant and light weight.  The Insul-Floor also reflects solar energy in water, is an excellent vapor barrier, and breaks thermal bridge between the liner and ground.

Pool Pros Recommendation

If you are thinking about getting an above ground pool, you should definitely consider insulating it with both the
Thermo-Wal and the Insul-Floor. 

The Thermo-Wall is also a good idea for in groud vinyl pools too. 

If you have an existing pool, consider having it insulated the next time you have a liner replacement. 

Both the Thermo-Wall and the Insul-Floor are quick and easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

Pool Pros Inc.
Green Bay, WI


  1. Sure makes me want to start looking up some above ground pools for my future home! :]

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