Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools

This is a beautiful free-form design fiberglass pool from Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools. The Blue Isle Pool  is colored in Galaxy Blue Gelcoat & is accentuated by a raised wall of natural limestone featuring a waterfall & plantings.

Posted by: Michael Bowers


  1. My friends last night my son birthday I share with you some interesting . When placing the tile on the pool, some adhesive might bleed through the front joint. Use your finger to wipe it even with the tile surface. If any adhesive gets smeared onto the surface of the tile, immediately use a paper towel and solvent to wipe it off. Before applying the last 8 feet of tile, start at the skimmer; use a sheet of tile to measure back to the last sheet of tile already on the pool. If the tile does not fit perfectly, you can compress the grouts joint on the remaining 8 feet of tile to make it fit perfectly. This eliminates the need for a cut tile when you reach the skimmer. Gunite Swimming Pools

  2. Nice post hope you like my post lease consider the type of soil that you have. Fiberglass pools are not always the best choice depending on where you live. Do you have well or city water? The cost of water would not be an issue if you had well water. The only time you should completely drain a pool is in the instance of a liner replacement or painting. The same basic principles apply to any type of swimming pool-if you do not maintain proper and correct water balance no pool or equipment will be worth your investment of money or time. Only go with a salt chlorinator if you know how to properly use it and no matter what some salesmen may tell you--any system requires some effort and attention. It is never as "easy" as it is made out to be.
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